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When adversity comes you can take courage because you have prepared. We help organizations with planning, preparation, and prevention so businesses can survive catastrophic events.

Fortitude: courage in adversity

Collapse: severe disaster where most economic activity ends and there is wide spread, long-lasting loss of law and order

Our collapse disaster preparedness consulting services focus on the unforeseen severe critical events that aren't typically included with other risk management assessments or business continuity preparations. The probability of a bioengineered pandemic, loss of the electric grid, AI, nanotechnology, the threat of nuclear war, and many other collapse-level threats are high and growing. Most businesses will not survive a severe collapse. We offer the best  expertise in collapse risk assessment and provide innovative, tailored options to enable some or all of your key assets to survive a collapse.  Experts say a bioengineered viral pandemic is “inevitable”, and our fragile electric grid could be taken down for a year or more. Many other "black swan" threats exist, with new technologies adding to threats that can severely disrupt or destroy your business.

Our Mission is to Help Organizations Survive a Collapse

“The CEO should regard his position #1 as the Chief Risk Officer.  Now, you have a lot of other functions too, but you should wake up every morning and think about ‘is this place built to take everything?'” - Warren Buffett


We have developed a variety of means to increase the probability that key personnel and assets survive a collapse.  Your business may be able to shift to another product or service that is needed for collapse survival.  Many businesses are better off shutting down, moving key assets and personnel to a secure facility to enable start up (perhaps in a new line of business) post collapse.  Our white paper offers more details on how Fortitude Collapse Preparedness can help your company survive a collapse. 


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Nassim Taleb’s "The Black Swan: the Impact of the Highly Improbable", is one of the most important, valuable books a businessman or investor can read. Companies die and some flourish when a Black Swan strikes. A Black Swan event is “an outlier, something outside the realm of regular expectations” that “has an extreme impact.” Smart investors like Taleb who keep watch for them and position themselves to avoid the damage and profit from the vast changes they drive can make a fortune and keep their companies alive. 

Colonel/Dr. Drew Miller, CEO of Fortitude Ranch and Fortitude Collapse Preparedness, will head up a top-notch, expert team of professional consultants to provide your organization with a discrete, confidential, in-depth risk assessment and options to enable your business and key personnel to survive when a Black Swan or disastrous  collapse event occurs.

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Learn more about Col/Dr. Miller’s qualifications and experience for Black Swan, disaster, and collapse survival consulting work: 

Drew Miller recently wrote a featured article series entitled "Triggered Collapse" for the Domprep Journal (Domestic Preparedness Journal) published by the Texas Division of Emergency Management and Texas A&M University, featured on the Domestic Preparedness website.  Click HERE to read Drew's "Triggered Collapse."


Comprehensive risk assessment and business impact analysis is vital to identify key risks and design cost effective mitigation plans.  We help clients do comprehensive risk assessment of potential threats, including reasonable, foreseeable “Black Swan” threats.  We design a full spectrum risk monitoring  program to gather intelligence and early indicators of potential threats, with recommendations on how to economically collect information needed, monitor trends, and adjust risk mitigation plans.  With sound threat watch and analysis processes, you can reasonably forecast pending threats and improve your ability to recover from—and sometimes profit from—a Black Swan event.  

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