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Each and every consulting engagement is going to be unique and customized to your business. Our consulting services provide detailed analyses, plans, methodology, and guidance to effectively help you prepare for a catastrophic disaster that could impact operations, transportation, supply chains, infrastructure, as well as the livelihood or survival of your employees and C-Suite or executive management. For this reason, each quote is customized to the size and scope of your business, number of locations, employee count, and the level of preparedness your company needs. The amount of time needed to conduct services will also vary depending on multiple factors.


We estimate that the majority of companies, from smallest to the largest, will not survive a collapse. When the economy is not operating and looting breaks out, escalating into marauders attacking individual homes and businesses, law and order will disappear.

A consulting service engagement can include any of the following, conducted by Drew and his highly experienced consulting team of professionals:

  1. Initial research, studying company from materials sent, drafting initial risk assessment and company collapse survival options 1-2 weeks

  2. Site visit to speak to senior leadership, interview them, get some initial reaction to ideas 1-2 days

  3. Continued company analysis, development of options, and sometimes visit to key plant/facilities that must survive, 1-2 weeks

  4. Site visit to present alternatives, modify based on feedback, finalize recommendations (and a possible second session with senior leadership), 1-2 days

Corporate consulting services start at a minimum of $50,000. Special non-profit and private group pricing available.

**Please note that our consulting services quote will also include a line-item for approximate travel and expenses for Drew and his team, which will vary depending on number of site visits, locations, duration, etc.**

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