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Fortitude Collapse Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness Consulting for Black Swan Events

When the grid goes down from a nuclear EMP attack, large solar flare, cyber attack, and/or physical attack on key nodes, it could take a year or more to repair it. New technologies, including bioengineering, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence are generating new means for a disaster that could halt economic activity for months and lead to widespread, long-lasting loss of law and order that kills hundreds of millions. The majority of businesses will not survive a collapse. Manufacturing plants, warehouses, office buildings, and property that are not guarded will likely be looted and/or destroyed. 


Collapse-level risks are not covered in typical business risk management or continuity of operations plans. They deal with “normal,” historic disasters that have triggered relatively minor disruptions and losses. Our future is increasingly one of major Black Swan disasters that could lead to a significant collapse lasting from weeks to years. Fortitude Collapse  Preparedness is here to help your organization survive, and perhaps even thrive during such events.

Comprehensive risk assessment and business impact analysis is vital to identify key risks and design cost effective mitigation plans.  We help clients do comprehensive risk assessment of potential threats, including reasonable, foreseeable “Black Swan” collapse threats.  We have a full spectrum risk monitoring and technology watch program to gather intelligence and early indicators of potential threats, with the experience to develop and recommend how your organization can protect key people and assets, possibly continue operations in a collapse, switch to a more viable/needed business or service in a collapse, or shut down safely and protect key assets for recovery after the disaster is over.

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Who We Serve


Educational, Non-Profit

Whether you're a single-campus university, or a multi-site school district, or a non-profit institution with satellite locations around the world, we can help you assess your risk and help you plan and be prepared to survive the worst disasters that can destroy your organization.

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Mid-Market Corporations 

CEOs or owners of medium-size companies have a tremendous risk in the event of a catastrophic local, regional, or worldwide disaster.  We will develop options that can protect your key personnel and assets.

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Enterprise Corporations

Large enterprise corporations with thousands of employees in offices, plants, or warehouses around the world have a greater chance of being affected by a Black Swan event.  For some large companies, a switch to a standby line of business is the best way to protect key assets and contribute during the collapse.

Individual Prepper
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Individuals or Groups with Bug-Out Locations or Family Compounds

On a case-by-case basis, we will provide a custom-quote for any individual, group, family, or private  community that wishes to contract our expert team for a white-glove, individualized assessment of their emergency and disaster preparedness plan, provisions, and preparation. All inquires, contracts, and assessments are confidential and discrete. Please contact us directly by emailing your request:

Request a Quote

Contact us for a confidential, discrete discussion or quote, or to request more information regarding collapse and disaster corporate preparedness consulting. A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly!

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